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Tuesday morning yoga @ The Soma Rooms, Chepstow

Somatic Yoga, Ali Rose, Assembly Rooms, St BriavelsTuesday mornings 10.15 -11.45 am

Infusing Yoga with Somatics, seasonal rhythms and soulful thinking, these classes  are  an invaluable way to restore balance body, mind and soul.

A Somatic approach reminds us that *flexibility comes from releasing tension      * stability arises out of firm foundations      * balance is the dynamic dance between movement and stillness   * we can challenge ourselves without imposing strain on the body  * relaxation is an art that we can to practice.

Classes end with a 10 minute Deep Rest meditation practice.

‘The body knows it belongs.  It is the mind that makes us homeless’ (John O’Donohue)

Unfolding at a relaxed pace we have an opportunity to change deep habit patterns, so we bring real and long lasting change both on and off the mat. This class offers a deeper enquiry for seasoned practitioners as well as establishing firm foundations of practice to those new to yoga.   

The Assembly Rooms is a wonderful venue, warm, light and spacious.  Please bring your own mat, blanket, yoga blocks (if you have them) and water .

Booking essential. Contact Ali 0788 3678629
This class runs in half term blocks which need to be pre-booked,  Please contact me for details


Contact me using this form (95% successful) or email me in the usual way (which always works).

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