One-to-one sessions

One-to-one is the traditional form in which yoga has been taught – for centuries. A one to one session can help develop your practice by deepening your body awareness and offering you insights into your unique movement patterns and how they express in both yoga and everyday life.

Whether you are a beginner looking for some basic principles, or someone with a regular yoga practice either at home or in a class, there is much to be gained from working one to one with a teacher.

We are each born with a unique anatomy which throughout our lives will be overlaid with the inevitable effects of the ageing process and sometimes ill health and injury. As a result our body might develop unhelpful and disorganised patterns of movement which over time ‘cement’ into our posture, potentially effecting our physical and mental well being.

Working one to one can provide valuable insight into these patterns, opening up the possibility of ‘re-organising’ the body into more harmonious relationship. The insights we gain during such sessions can be transferred into our regular yoga class setting, as well as into everyday life.


  • Introductory session (one hour plus free 15 minute consultation) £40.00
  • One hour session £40.00
  • Block discount for 3 sessions paid in advanced £108.00

I offer one to one sessions in my own home near Chepstow, or in your home if you have space. An additional charge may be added for room hire and travel if necessary.

To make a booking or to enquire further about these sessions please email or call Ali on 07883678629

Cancellation policy
Please note that sessions cancelled without 24 hours notice will be subject to the full fee. To cancel an appointment please call / text Ali on 07883678629. Block bookings need to be used within 6 months of the initial session.