Therapeutic Somatics - A One to One approach

Therapeutic One-to-one sessions

Do you live with chronic muscular tension, pain or dis-ease?  Would you like to live and move with more ease and freedom?  To regain your vitality and joy for life?

A Therapeutic Somatic approach is about  ‘asking new questions of old problems’

We each have unique posture and movement patterns in response to the lives we live, injuries and illnesses we have sustained.  The causes of most chronic muscular and postural pain have been gradually developing ‘under the radar’ of our conscious awareness over long periods of time.   

We have all been conditioned to ignore the subtle responses of the body, so this Therapeutic Somatics approach will help you develop the skills needed to reconnect with the body’s  constantly streamed information. We are essentially dialling up our inner listening skills’!

We start from the premise that the body knows how to heal, balance and restore.  Working with me 1-1  brings an individualised approach as we explore through movement the question ‘what’s inhibiting your body’s ability to restore balance and wellness?’ 

I love to work therapeutically one to one people, so that the benefits of a somatic approach can be individualised – after all, no two of us are the same!  Whilst these benefits can be experienced by everyone , regardless of age, fitness or gender, I have a particular interest in working with Women’s Health and pelvic floor issues.

 As a therapeutic approach, Somatics requires no previous movement practice experience, and empowers you as an individual with the skills to re-pattern dis-organisation and rediscover your innate resources of vitality and wellness.  

The process is collaborative, and we will explore through movement how the body is (dis)organising and start to bring awareness to the root causes of your discomfort and pain.  

During the sessions I will offer you techniques and approaches that can become your unique toolkit to help during your daily life to make long lasting and real changes.

I recommend a series of three sessions initially, however you may choose to have further sessions according to your on-going requirements. 

‘I dwell in the possibility of change’ (Emily Dickinson)

For further information and booking of a one to one somatic session, call Ali


  • Introductory session (one hour session and a free 15 minute phone advance consultation) £40.00
  • One hour session £40.00
  • Block discount for 3 sessions paid in advanced £108.00

I offer one to one sessions in my own home near Chepstow, or in your home if you have space. An additional charge may be added for room hire and travel if necessary.

To make a booking or to enquire further about these sessions please email or call Ali on 07883678629

Cancellation policy
Please note that sessions cancelled without 24 hours notice will be subject to the full fee. To cancel an appointment please call / text Ali on 07883678629. Block bookings need to be used within 6 months of the initial session.

Contact me using this form (95% successful) or email me in the usual way (which always works).

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