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Workshops and Retreat Days 2020


Email Ali if you wish to be kept informed of future dates.

Does Yoga leave you feeling good about yourself body and mind?Would you benefit from taking time to stretch, rest and replenish yourself?  

Yoga reminds us of the wisdom of being with the flow of the cycles of life, to give ourselves time and space to mark the changes, both inner and outer as the wheel of the year turns.

Seasonal Yoga Sunday’s offer a relaxed day of yoga including deep relaxation, meditation and restorative practices.  In the beautifully tranquil setting of the Lanthony Valley, Llwyn Celyn’s converted barn provides a unique setting for our day which will leave you feeling recharged and revitalised.

Teas and light refreshments provided. Lunch will be ‘bring and share’ vegetarian.

 £50.00 early bird / £60.00 full price             Venue location NP7 7 ND


Shoulders and Hips-finding freedom   

Tuesday morning 7th April 2020      9.30 – 11.30 

Thursday evening 9th April 2020    7.00 – 9.00 pm  

@ Assembly Rooms, St Briavels     

An extended session to take a deeper dive into the tensions of the hips and shoulders.  The cumulative effects of daily life can create tightness in the hip and shoulder joints which limits our range of movement and sense of freedom within practice.  Adding restorative poses and the use bolsters we’ll support the deeper opening of the body without strain .  Booking essential   £10.00 per session



Winter Retreat

Day 2019

‘Revived by stillness we birth ourselves anew’

Sunday 26th January 2020    10.00 – 5.00 pm Ragmans Lane Farm GL15 6TG 

Our session marks the transition into the growth phase of the year, the midway point between the winter solstice and spring equinox. We are moving out of the dark and into the light- that which has been sleeping is reawakening . This is a time for visioning our year to come .
Following a morning of relaxed asana (posture) practice our day will include restorative yoga , meditation and deep relaxation. We’ll enjoy a shared lunch, conversation and a walk through the farm orchards to be inspired by the buds forming on the fruit trees.
Price: £45.00 (early bird price before 16th December.) £55.00  thereafter.
£20.00 deposit to secure your place
To Book: 
Contact Ali. 0788 367 8629
or email









Pelvic Floor Workshop for Women

Saturday 28th September 2019    2 -4 pm

Chepstow Yoga Space £15.00

A workshop for women that inquires ‘What makes a pelvic floor friendly yoga practice?’. We’ll explore movement that supports the health of the pelvic floor as well as identify practices that may less beneficial. We’ll look to how we can weave this wisdom into life both on and off the mat.

Ali has trained in Yoga for Women’s Health with Uma Dinsmore- Tuli as part of her Womb Yoga programme. Spaces limited so early booking advised. £15.00

Spaces limited so booking essential.  Contact Ali 0788 367 8629 or email




Winter – remembering the value of rest.

Sunday November 18th 2018, 10.00 – 5.00 pm @ Ragmans Lane Farm GL17 9PA

Yoga teaches us to flow freely with the cyclical wisdom of the seasons, to honour the season of Winter and it’s reminder of the value of rest…… to experience in our body, heart and mind that ‘rest nourishes our potential’

Enjoy a relaxed day of yoga practices, including yoga nidra (deep relaxation), a restorative yoga session, tratak (candle gazing) and a meditation practice. After lunch (whether permitting) there will be an optional short walk around the beautiful farm orchards.

Teas and light refreshments provided. Lunch will be a ‘bring and share’ vegetarian.

Investment £45.00 early bird (available until October 30th) Full price £55.00

Book early to avoid disappointment!
For further information and booking contact Ali
(mobile) 07883678629


Autumn, the mellow season of fruits ripening and days shortening …

Sunday September 23rd, 2018 10.00 – 5.00 pm @ Ragmans Lane Farm GL17 9PA

Yoga teaches us to flow freely with the cyclical wisdom of the seasons, to welcome the inevitable ‘out breath of Autumn’ that follows Summer…. and what a Summer we’ve had!
Our Seasonal Sunday workshop gives us an opportunity to take time out to nourish ourselves with yoga practices which support our health and well being at this turning time of the seasons.

Enjoy a relaxed day of yoga practices, including deep relaxation, restorative yoga and meditation. After lunch there will be an optional walk around the beautiful farm orchards so we can drink in the beauty of this season with all our senses.

Teas and light refreshments provided. Lunch will be a ‘bring and share’ vegetarian.

Investment £45.00 early bird (available until Sep 10th) Full price £55.00

For further information and booking contact Ali
(mobile) 07883678629

Summer workshop July 8th 20181, 0.00 – 5.00 pm

Do you remember when movement felt this simple?!!

Would you benefit from taking time to let your body and mind relax into the simplicity of the summer season? In the beautiful venue of
The Mushroom Shed, Ragman’s Lane Farm, Forest of Dean (GL17 9PA)

An invitation to take ‘time out’ each season and restore your vitality through yoga’
Would you benefit from taking time to rest, replenish and restore yourself every once in a while……..
Seasonal Yoga Sunday’s offer you the perfect opportunity to let yoga be your medicine, to counter balance the stresses and strains that modern living places upon us physically, mentally and emotionally.

A relaxed day of yoga practices including:

  • morning practice in the delightful underfloor heated yoga space , ending with deep relaxation
    lunchtime walk around the beautiful orchards of Ragmans Lane Farm
    afternoon to include a restorative yoga practice!
    afternoon tea and cake

Teas and light refreshments provided. Lunch will be bring ‘bring a vegetarian dish to share’.

Individual days early bird price £45.00 (available until June 17th) full price £55.00
A 50 % deposit will secure your place, with full payment required 3 weeks prior to the workshop.

Cancellation policy – A minimum of 3 weeks notice is required for a full refund, after which no refund will be possible unless your place is taken up by another person.

Balancing movement and steadiness – the ‘3 Gunas’ at play in our practice
May Workshop – Sunday May 7th 2017 2 -5 pm @ Ragman’s Lane Farm GL17 9PA

According to yogic philosophy all of nature (which includes us!) is comprised of 3 strands (gunas) which are constantly interacting with another.

Rajas is the energy of change, Tamas is heavy and dense whilst Sattva shows itself in balance and contentment. We bring our daily life experience’s of physical and mental restlessness / lethargy onto our yoga mats …. so our yoga practice then provides the perfect vehicle for us to witness how these tendencies express through each of us individually and at different times……. to shine a light on the gunas at play in our practice!

Using a variety of practices from our yoga ‘toolkit’ we can begin to re-balance rajas and tamas and cultivate the balance and harmony of Sattva, which in turn we can take ‘off the mat’ and back into our daily lives.

Places are limited so please book early.

£20 early bird (before April 10th) / £25. 00 thereafter

Venue : in the cosy underfloor heated ‘Mushroom Shed’ at Ragman’s Lane Farm, Lydbrook GL17 9PA

please contact Ali for further details and booking.

The Value of Rest

A yoga workshop for winter with Ali Rose

A relaxed workshop giving time to explore the wider aspects of yoga, including Restorative yoga, Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) and Meditation. With a mid-way break for tea, chat and scrumptious snacks!

Sunday 20th November 2 -5 pm 

@ Assembly Rooms, St Briavels GL15 6TG 

£20.00 places limited / booking essential 

For info /booking Ali 0788368629

Workshops and Retreat Days

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