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What is Somatic Yoga?

Ali Rose, Yoga Somatics, Gentle Yoga, Therapeutic SomaticsWhat is Somatics? – from the Greek word soma meaning ‘the lived experience of the body’. 

In Somatic Yoga  we focus on the internal experience of movement rather than the external form, not imposing a shape on the body allows postures to grow intelligently from the inside out.  

Unfolding at a relaxed pace,  flexibility, strength, challenge and relaxation come without strain.  Class offers a deeper enquiry for seasoned practitioners as well as establishing firm foundations of practice to those new to yoga.

Because Somatic practices combine skilful awareness with simple movement, we have an opportunity to change the patterns that lead to pain and discomfort in the body.  We can bring about real and long lasting transformation both on and off the mat.

Why might I benefit from this approach? There are many reasons why a Somatic approach to practice might be for you;

For more seasoned practitioners the practice allows time and space for a deeper enquiry whilst offering those new to yoga an opportunity to establish firm foundations of practice. 

If you carry an injury or the pain of ‘stuck stress’ somewhere in your body,  Somatic yoga may allow you to uncover the tightness and tensions which are often the root cause. 

Do you ‘live in your head’?… whether that’s in an overly busy or sedentary life – this practice could help you cultivate the skills to be more present, refreshed and revived by your Yoga.

The class moves at a relaxed pace and the teaching style inclusive as instructions are layered in, moving from simple towards more complex postures. Each student is encouraged to listen to the inner cues of sensation and breath to balance effort and ease in their practice. 

Do classes include breathing and meditation practice?

Whilst Yoga is known for breath control practices, my passion is to help people uncover the relaxed breathing pattern that we were born with. Our Somatic yoga practice will gradually help release the tensions in the diaphragm and chest that restrict full, deep natural breathing.   

At the end of each class I offer a 10 minute Deep Rest Meditation practice.  In a relaxed lying position we cultivate the art of  dialling down our ‘alarm systems’  and relaxing into a deep connection with inner stillness.

I hope that I have made you curious enough to come along and try a class!   If you have any questions, do please get in touch.

Contact me using this form (95% successful) or email me in the usual way (which always works).

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