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The term ‘Somatic’ means ‘from the experience of the body’.  

Somatic practices prioritise your internal experience and felt sense over ‘external form’ or the expertise of another.  This helps cultivate mind-body integration by focusing on the internal experience of movement rather than the external appearance.    Somatic practices use an experiential or ’embodied anatomy’ approach to reduce the all too common sense of disconnection we experience that comes from ‘living in our heads’! 

We can practice Somatic inspired yoga to help deepen the felt sense of being within our bodies, as well as using specific somatic exercises which can be practised independently to help relieve specific pain and discomfort (see ‘One to One’ page for details of Hanna Somatics Movement education) 

In a somatic yoga practice, postures grow intelligently from the inside out as we inquire ‘how is the body organising (or disorganising) itself?  We have an opportunity to change deep habit patterns physical and mental to bring about transformation on and off the mat.

We are each born with a unique anatomy which throughout our lives will be overlaid with the inevitable effects of the ageing process and sometimes ill health and injury. As a result our body might develop unhelpful and disorganised patterns of movement which over time ‘cement’ into our posture, potentially effecting our physical and mental well being.

A Somatic approach can provide valuable insight into these patterns, opening up the possibility of ‘re-organising’ the body into more harmonious relationship. The insights we gain during such sessions can be transferred into our regular yoga class setting, as well as into everyday life.

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