Yoga is an invaluable tool for the modern day – using practices to harmonise body, breath and mind to return us to a feeling of wholeness and wellbeing.  Yoga is an excellent way to ...

* move out of our habitual patterns of movement
* gently promote strength and mobility
* improve posture
* release tension
* calm the mind
* find a re-newed sense of vitality

Inspired by my training in Somatic movement my Yoga classes seek to bring you out of your mind and into a felt sense of your body so that postures grow from the inside out in an intelligent way. 

No longer trying to ‘achieve a pose’ you allow your practice to be an open ended enquiry … does the body organise (or dis-organise!) itself?  Establishing firm foundations of practice to those new to yoga but also offering a deeper enquiry for seasoned practitioners. We have an opportunity to change deep habit patterns, physical and mental,  to bring about change both on and off the mat.  Yoga is a mind-body transformational practice!

 This complete absorption into body and breath is deeply soothing to the nervous system leaving you feeling refreshed and re-vitalised by the end of the practice.  Join me to experience the benefits of this wonderful practice …..