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'Sitting silently. Doing nothing. Spring comes. And the grass grows by itself' (Basho)

Welcome to Yoga, Somatics, and Therapeutic one to ones with Ali Rose.  I have been teaching classes, workshops and one to ones in Chepstow,the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean for ten years.

Infusing Yoga with Somatics, seasonal rhythms and soulful thinking, these classes  are  an invaluable way to restore balance body, mind and soul.

In Somatic Yoga  we focus on the internal experience of movement rather than the external form, not imposing a shape on the body allows postures to grow intelligently from the inside out. 

A Somatic approach reminds us that *flexibility comes from releasing tension      * stability arises out of firm foundations      * balance is the dynamic dance between movement and stillness   * we can challenge ourselves without imposing strain on the body  * relaxation is an art that we can to practice.  Class ends with a 10 minute Deep Rest meditation practice.

‘The body knows it belongs.  It is the mind that makes us homeless’ (John O’Donohue)

Would you benefit from a discerning movement practice?  Unfolding at a relaxed pace we have an opportunity to change deep habit patterns, so we bring real and long lasting change both on and off the mat. This class offers a deeper enquiry for seasoned practitioners as well as establishing firm foundations of practice to those new to yoga. I also teach a Gentle Yoga version of this class.   

‘The embodied present is the lived present’ 

If you’re curious, please come and join me  and discover the benefits of this wonderful practice.   I look forward to meeting you on the mat!


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