Somatic movement

 Muscular tension?…. looking for relief?

Do you experience chronic pain and tension because of  injury, sport or simply the stresses of daily life?

      Somatic Movement workshops

Tuesday mornings August 7th / 21st / 28th

St Briavels Assembly Rooms   10.00 -11.30 am     £10.00 per session

Would you like to move with ease and freedom?  Hanna Somatic Movement practices use simple movement to re-educate the body/mind to release chronic muscular pain.

Simple yet effective, Hanna Somatics can bring about immediate and long-lasting benefits to movement, posture and well-being.  This technique unlocks the ‘mystery’ of chronic muscular pain and ‘poor’ posture which may result from injury, stress or the habitual movements we make each day, for example driving or long hours sitting at a computer.

Unique to Hanna Somatics is an understanding of how chronic muscular pain is caused by ‘sensory motor amnesia’, where the conscious brain is no longer in control of muscle tightness or length.  Using a simple and yet effective technique where a tight muscle is carefully tightened just beyond it’s present state of contraction (no pain allowed!) in order to  bring about a conscious re-connection between  brain and muscle that enables the muscle to release and lengthen.

Thomas Hanna (1930’s) coined the term ‘somatics’ to refer to this discipline of movement re-education which fosters an internal awareness of one’s body. As a technique, it requires no previous movement practice experience, and empowers you as an individual with the somatic skills to make a return to  pain free movement in your life.

‘Somatic movement has released my long-term lower back tightness in a way that nothing else I have tried has ever achieved.  It’s a must try!’

For further information and booking call Ali

Tel 07883678629