‘If you can’t go out go in’

 Yogic musings on living skilfully in extraordinary times


Dear Yoga Friends, to invoke the words of the Irish poet John O’Donuhue, how may we embrace the ‘dark invitation’  of these extraordinary times?..  To use the support of our Yoga practice to shine a light upon that  which is calling for transformation.


‘Recognising in our hearts our inter-connection to all living things, it becomes difficult to harm others without realising we are also harming ourselves’.   

Of greatest importance on the path of Yoga is relationship, both with ourself, with others – people and planet. At a time when our relationships will be put under pressure, we may recall the the wisdom of the  Yoga Sutra.  Chapter II v35-36 tell us:

When the qualities of Ahimsa (compassion for all living things) and Satya (truthfulness)  are present we create the conditions for peace.  In turn this provides the ground for authentic and deepening relationship. I am reminded of the art of Deep Listening. This modern toolkit for kind and authentic communication can be powerfully tranformative. It follows these steps:   

  • Ask your speaker to explain their perspective and why they feel so strongly. Listen without interruption, putting aside judgements, counter-arguments and solutions

  • Summarise the core of what you have heard and check you have understood correctly, including the emotions and texture of their story. This does not mean you have to agree

  • Ask whether they agree with your summary. If not, ask them to explain more

  • Continue with this process till the speaker gives a resounding “Yes.” They should at this point be likely to listen to your side of the story. 

‘The Self is Love, so it responds to love. 
The Self is subtle, so is attracted to subtlety.
The Self is tender, so tenderness calls it forth’

To close, lets remind ourselves that Yoga is a practice – something we do day by day …steady practice taking us towards our goal..

May your Yoga continue to support you 
Warmest wishes