Frequently Asked Questions

What is Somatic Yoga? (SomaYoga)

The term Somatics means ’embodied’ or ‘of the body’.  Somatic practices help cultivate mind-body integration by focusing on the internal experience of movement rather than the external appearance. 

We can practice Somatic inspired yoga to help deepen the felt sense of being within our bodies, as well as using specific somatic exercises which can be practised independently to help relieve specific pain and discomfort (see ‘One to One’ page) 

Can I join a class if I am a ‘Beginner’?
Yes! All the classes I teach are ‘mixed ability’ and beginner’s are welcome to join at any time. My teaching style is inclusive to allow students with a wide range of yoga experience to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful practice.

Instructions and guidance is ‘layered’ so that we start at the most tangible level of the body (where this foot goes etc!) and progress toward more subtle cues.  Establishing firm foundations of practice to those new to Yoga but also offering a deeper enquiry and challenge to seasoned practitioners.

As our practice develops, awareness moves onto breath which is a yogic ‘tool’ to access the more subtle realms of our nervous system and wandering mind! Over time and with regular practice we awaken to the subtleties of the body/mind consciousness and the journey becomes endless and fascinating ….