Frequently Asked Questions

What if I miss a class that I have pre-paid for?
If you miss a class that has been booked and paid for in advance then you are welcome to ‘catch up’ at another class/ venue that suits you. Please check with me first for space availability in other classes as some are full. Monthly Saturday mornings (usually the last Saturday of the month at Chepstow Yoga Space/ check dates for St Braive’ls dates) are a good opportunity for this . Your catch-up class can be taken in a different week/month ….. whatever suits you!

Can I join a class if I am a ‘Beginner’?
Yes! All the classes I teach are ‘mixed ability’ and beginner’s are welcome to join at any time. My teaching style is inclusive to allow students with a wide range of yoga experience to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful practice. Instructions and guidance is ‘layered’ so that we start at the most tangible level of the body (where this foot goes etc!) and progress toward more subtle alignment cues. Awareness then moves onto the breath and it’s use as a yogic ‘tool’ to access the more subtle realms of our nervous system and wandering mind! Over time and with regular practice we awaken to the subtleties of the body/mind consciousness and the journey becomes endless and fascinating ….